12v DC Fan Motor

The 12v DC fan motor is a device that converts it into mechanical energy by electric energy, and continuously compresses the air to generate a large amount of wind. The following are some of the features of the DC fan motor:
1. The DC blower is converted into mechanical energy by direct current, which drives the wind wheel to rotate. Therefore, the biggest feature of the DC blower is the optional DC motor.
2. The bearings of DC blowers are usually high speed, high temperature resistant bearings with fast speed and long service life.
3. The DC blower has the function of both the air supply and the suction air. In addition, the DC fan is suitable for auxiliary equipment of many mechanical industries.
12v DC fan precautions
When using the 12v DC fan, be careful when using it. If the device finds abnormal noise, severe heat, and switch trip during operation, immediately turn off the machine for inspection and maintenance.
In addition, the use environment of the fan should be kept clean, and the dust and other debris in the DC fan should be cleaned regularly. In addition, the capacity of the power supply facilities of the fan should be sufficient, the voltage should be stable, and the power supply line must be a dedicated line. For the storage environment of the 12v DC fan, it should be protected from moisture. If it is to be placed outside, it should have certain measures of waterproofing and bumping.

Post time: Sep-28-2019