Blower Fan

Blower fan characteristics
A blower fan is a transport medium that is dominated by clean air and other inert gases. Other flammable, explosive and special gases can also be delivered. Can be used in plastics, machinery, printing and other industrial fields. If you want to say that the characteristics of the blower fans are generally the following:
1. Since the impeller of the blower fan runs in the machine body, there is no friction and no lubrication is required, which is an ideal pneumatic conveying air source.
2. The speed of the blower fan is high and the volumetric efficiency is also high. In addition, when the blower fan is used, it changes with changes in pressure and flow rate. Therefore, the choice of blower flow can be achieved by selecting the speed.
3. Because the structure of the blower fan determines that its mechanical friction loss is small. Therefore, the blower fan operates with high stability and low vibration. In this way, its service life is longer and the operation is safer. This is also a major feature of air blowers.



Post time: Sep-21-2019