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  • Air Circulator Fan

    How the air circulator fan works: The main function of the air circulator fan is to form a convective circulation of indoor air to achieve an equilibrium temperature effect with a reasonable air flow direction. Generally, It is often used in conjunction with air conditioners to achieve rapid cool...
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  • USB fan

    Advantages of the USB fan: 1.USB fan with USB cable, can put lithium battery or dry battery. Lithium batteries have different gear count options. Lithium battery charging time is 2-3 hours; fast one-speed use time is short, low-end use time is relatively long. 2.It adopts high-quality mesh cover,...
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  • Desk Fan

    How to choose a desk fan: 1. Selection of fan shaft. The method is to press the fan head with one hand without the fan blades and the net, hold the rotor shaft with the other hand and gently pull it up and down. If you just feel a slight shift, even if there is no change is the best. 2. Noise sel...
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