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  • How do you maintain your cooling fan at home?

    How do you maintain your cooling fan at home?

    Abstract: stable chemical properties of ice crystals are also the basis of their ability to serve as cooling equipment. Under normal use, they will not release toxic and harmful gases. They are also widely used in the refrigeration and preservation of many aquatic products. Well, what about the i...
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  • Purpose and working principle of blower

    Purpose and working principle of blower

    The working principle of a centrifugal blower is similar to a centrifugal fan, except that the compression process of air is usually carried out by several working impellers (or several stages) under the action of centrifugal force. The blower has a rotor that rotates at a high speed. The blades...
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  • Misunderstanding of the use of cooling fans

    Misunderstanding of the use of cooling fans

    Although air conditioners have become a must-have appliance for many homes, many people do not often use air conditioners after purchasing them. One of the reasons is that air conditioners consume large amounts of electricity and are expensive. Then you do n’t need air conditioners, and you have...
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  • Silent Fan

    Nowadays, the daily use of electronic devices is getting higher and higher, users not only have high requirements for electronic devices, but also have high requirements for related accessories. The fan is the key equipment for computer cooling, and the quality of the fan is very important. If th...
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  • Dust Exhaust Fan

    The dust exhaust fan is a gas conveying device, which is widely used in industrial production. Therefore, the dust exhaust fan is an indispensable device in the industrial field. The selection of dust exhausts fan In addition to factors such as flow, efficiency, and noise of the fan, the selectio...
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  • PC Fan

    The solution to the computer sound is big The computer users often know that the computer will be used for a long time, and the sound of the chassis fan will become bigger and bigger. In a serious situation, the same as the car engine, the sound is unbearable, which is a very headache. However, t...
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  • DC Brushless Fan

    DC brushless fan application DC brushless fans are used in a wide range of applications and can be used in automobiles, tools, and automation. Specifically, DC brushless fans can be divided into the following three main uses: 1, fans, pumps, hair dryers, etc., can see the shadow of DC brushless f...
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  • Car Cooling Fan

    The cooling fan is not only a necessary accessory for the computer, but also an essential part in the car. It even plays an important role. If the radiator fan does not turn when the car is driving, it will cause the coolant in the engine water tank to pass. High, the water vapor is ejected from ...
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  • 12v DC Fan Motor

    The 12v DC fan motor is a device that converts it into mechanical energy by electric energy, and continuously compresses the air to generate a large amount of wind. The following are some of the features of the DC fan motor: 1. The DC blower is converted into mechanical energy by direct current, ...
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  • Blower Fan

    Blower fan characteristics A blower fan is a transport medium that is dominated by clean air and other inert gases. Other flammable, explosive and special gases can also be delivered. Can be used in plastics, machinery, printing and other industrial fields. If you want to say that the characteris...
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  • CPU Cooling Fan

    How to add lubricant to the CPU cooling fan: The CPU cooling fan is a fan used to dissipate heat from the CPU. The CPU cooling fan can conduct the heat of the CPU and blow it into the nearby air, so that the device can cool down. Because the CPU is overheated, it will directly affect the service ...
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  • Exhaust Fan

    Functional use of the exhaust fan: The working principle of the exhaust fan is an electrical product that drives the airflow by the electric motor to drive the airflow, which can exchange indoor and outdoor air, thereby improving the indoor air environment. The exhaust fan is also called a ventil...
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