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ДЦ ФАН 3510

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Product Detail: Name:Dc fan 3510 Size:35x35x10mm Model:DA3510 series Certificate:Products are certified by UL, CE and ROHS. Frame: plastic(Flammability:UL94V-0) Description:35mm fan small dc brushless fan Product features: Small volume, large air volume, better mute effect and better heat dissipation. Application: widely used in the automotive industry; micro projection equipment; household appliances; toy industry, etc.

  • Цена ФОБ: САД $ 0.5 - 9,999 / Комад
  • Мин.ордер Количина: 100 Пиеце / Пиецес
  • Набавка Способност: 10000 Комад / комада месечно
  • Порт: Шенжен
  • Услови плаћања: Л / Ц, Д / А, Д / П, Т / Т
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    Име: ДЦ Фан 3510
    Величина: 35к35к10мм
    модел: ДА3510 серија
    Сертификат: Производи су оверен УЛ, ЦЕ и РоХС.
    Оквир: пластични (пламен: УЛ94В-0)
    Опис: 35мм фан мала ДЦ без четкица вентилатора
    Карактеристике производа: мали обим, велика запремина ваздуха, боље нем ефекта и боље расипање топлоте.

    Примена: широко користи у аутомобилској индустрији; мицро пројецтион екуипмент; апарати за домаћинство; индустрија играчака, итд


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  • We have more than 7 years of professional experience in the production of DC fans and blowers.We make fans and blowers in full accordance with your samples or designs. We have a strong R&D team to solve the fan problem. There are a large number of raw material suppliers around our factory. Our factory is located between Hong Kong and Guangzhou. We provide high quality fans for many world famous companies. Our factory has obtained ISO 9001 certification, and has applied for UL, CE, ROHS and other certifications. We can accept small batch trial orders and provide free samples. Our price is reasonable and we can provide the best quality products for every customer.

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